Tichodroma muraria

28th Feb, 2008
Possible regional races (polytypic)
-T. m. nepalensis
Tichodroma muraria nepalensis
Jim Corbett National Park, Uttaranchal, India, 19th Jan, 2008.
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Bill and claws black; feet black, tinged with brown; irides dark brown. The sixth and seventh primaries have the spot on the inner webs golden yellow. Mr. Hodgson gives a figure of this species in which the yellow spots on the wings are pro-minently shown, but he says:- "Golden drops of alars often wanting."

The Wall-Creeper was found in winter only, in the Nawakot district, the valley of Nepal, and the Markhu Valley, but not in any great numbers. It frequented the rocky sides of streams, and boulders along their course.

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