Oriental Skylark
Alauda gulgula

Possible regional races (polytypic)
-A. g. dharmakumarsinjhii
-A. g. vernayi
-A. g. lhamarum
-A. g. australis
-A. g. inconspicua
-A. g. gulgula

Okhla Bird Park, New Delhi, India, 12th Feb., 2006.
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"The Skylark is very common on the Nilghiris, and occurs, but less abundantly, in the Wynaad, &c. It frequents only grassy places and avoids cover. Its song is very fine, and long continued, and it rises to a great height in the air. A few years ago its song during the season could be heard any morning within the town of Ootacamund, but since all the hills and swamps within the limits have been planted up with Eucalypti, the bird, like S. malabarica, has retreated to the outskirts of the station where plenty of grassy land still remains unplanted."

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