Wood Sandpiper
Tringa glareola

Full Species (monotypic); i.e. no subspecies/races

Okhla, Delhi, India on 2nd Apr, 2006.
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The Wood Sandpiper is found throughout India during the winter months.

This small sandpiper is mostly seen alone and infrequently in very small groups. It constantly moves around edges of shallow water, not deeply probing its bill into marshy vegetation of the floodwaters (and mudflats) for invertebrates and larvae etc. It is also seen in paddy fields and damp meadows.

It breeds in wetlands of Europe. Its population is declining because of wetland drainage and other factors in a few countries. It’s a species of conservation concern.

Is rather bold in its habits, seen actively chasing away a common sandpiper. Although it is wary but was seen tolerating humans at quite close quarters.

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