Spot-winged Grosbeak
Mycerobas melanozanthos

Full Species (monotypic); i.e. no subspecies/races

Triyuginarayan, Near Kedarnath, Uttaranchal, India, 23rd June, 2006.
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This magnificent Grosbeak has been found both in the North-west and in the South-east Himalayas, but more common in the latter region, and chiefly at considerable elevations. In winter, a few descend to a lower region, in which season I got one or two pairs near Darjeeling. Hodgson obtained it in Nepal, where he says they belong to the Northern region, whence they wander into the central region, even in summer, in search of ripe stony fruits. According to Captain Hutton this species “comes to Mussooree in flocks during March and April, and remains as long as it can find plenty of cherry stones to crack, after which it disappears. They have a curious chattering note, and love to sit in the tops of the tallest trees. When at work on a wild cherry tree they are easily detected by the constant cracking sound of the cherrystones, which they never break, but open most dexterously at the joining of the halves. The ground beneath the trees is strewed with the opened shells”.

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