Tawny Eagle
Aquila rapax

29th Mar, 2007
Possible regional races (polytypic)
-A. r. vindhiana
Aquila rapax vindhiana
Sultanpur National Park, Haryana, India, 25th Mar, 2007.
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It is found throughout the greater part of India, except the more moist and wooded portions. It is unknown on the Malabar Coast, and in Lower Bengal, and does not extend into the Indo-Chinese countries. It prefers the dry open plains, and cultivated land, especially if there are hills near. It is rather rare in the Carnatic, but very abundant in the Deccan, in Central India, and the upper plains of India above Monghyr. Till an hour or two after sunrise it may be seen seated on the top of some tree, and in the very centre, and nearly concealed from view; after which it sallies forth, sailing about at a moderate height over the fields, valleys, and ravines, or circling high in the air with kites, vultures, and other birds of prey. It frequently enters cantonments and villages, and carries off chickens, ducklings, or other poultry. It feeds occasionally on hares, partridges, and other game; also on rats, lizards, snakes, and even insects; and will always descend to the fresh carcase of a sheep. It, however, subsists habitually by robbing kites, falcons, and other birds of prey of their earnings; and may often be seen pursuing a kite with great impetuosity, and always succeeds in getting the desired morsel.

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