Indian Courser
Cursorius coromandelicus


Full Species (monotypic); i.e. no subspecies/races

Sultanpur Flats, Haryana, India, 9th Apr, 2006.
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The Courier-plover is found throughout the greater part of India; it is unknown in lower Bengal and the Malabar Coast, is rare in upper Bengal and Behar, and very abundant in the Deccan and western India. It associates in small flocks, frequenting the barest plains and ploughed lands, and is very abundant on the Cavalry parade ground at Jalna. It runs about rapidly, nodding its head occasionally when it stops, and picks up various insects, chiefly coleoptera and the larvae of certain grasshoppers. Burgess states correctly that it has the peculiar habit of running for a distance at speed, suddenly stopping, erecting the body, and then starting off again.

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