White-eyed Buzzard
Butastur teesa


Full Species (monotypic); i.e. no subspecies/races

Sultanpur National Park, Haryana, India, 13th Aug., 2006.
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The White eyed Buzzard is common at all seasons, and may be met with, generally in pairs, hawking over usar plains, dhak jungles, and along the undulating and raviny banks of streams; now perching on some solitary shrub or tree, now on a mound or telegraph post, but invariably repairing at night to some sheltered mangoe grove. It generally flies low, merely skimming the ground and its flight at times is rapid and graceful. It frequently visits road-side railway station yards where the grass is generally long and full of grasshoppers, where lizards abound on the old rails and metal lying about, and where rats and mice are often abundant, both about the situation buildings and in the mud fence around the compound.

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